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Easy Order Aluminum & Fiberglass Residential Flagpoles

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Easy Order Flagpoles: Shop Aluminum & Fiberglass Residential Flagpoles

Gettysburg Flag Works’ “Easy Order” flagpoles make purchasing a residential flagpole a breeze! Simply place your order online — no special order or separate quote needed — and within a few weeks, your new in-ground flagpole will be on its way to you.

About Our Easy Order Residential Flagpoles

Our "Easy Order" residential flagpoles are just that - easy to order! This makes them a great option for those looking to have a flagpole shipped right to their door!

Among our most popular residential flagpoles are our “Easy Order” aluminum in-ground flagpoles that are 20’ exposed height. These flagpoles feature a satin finish, and hardware is included.

Our “Easy Order” flagpoles are also available in fiberglass. These residential fiberglass flagpoles are popular because they also do not rust, and have the added benefit of not being an electrical conductor. However, if the flagpole is wet, electricity (lightning) will conduct along the wet surface. “Easy Order” fiberglass flagpoles are white, but they can be ordered in any custom color for an additional fee.

Benefits of Easy Order One-Piece Residential Flagpoles

Our “Easy Order” flagpoles come with a 20 year warranty. The poles are wind tested and rated, and they are available in satin aluminum or white fiberglass. Shipping is easy — flagpoles ship via freight truck due to their length.

Easy Order Aluminum & Fiberglass Residential Flagpole FAQs

How do I know what size flagpole to order?

You'll want a pole that's tall enough to reach or approach the roofline of your home, though you'll have to consider the height of the terrain where you'll be installing the pole as you're calculating this. Most residential flagpoles are 20’ or 25’ tall.

Should I get an aluminum or a fiberglass flagpole?

When choosing between aluminum and fiberglass, you should consider the aesthetic you're going for, as well as the practical applications of your flagpole. You'll want to think about where you're located geographically, as it's important to consider the conditions and elements that the flagpole will be exposed to. You can find more specific details about which flagpole option is right for you in our guide to selecting a flagpole.

Do I have to install the flagpole myself?

The answer to this question will vary based on your location. We do provide installation instructions with our "Easy Order" flagpoles, so you can install the pole yourself. However, if you'd rather we install it for you and you live in Upstate NY or the surrounding region, we may be able to assist! You can learn more about residential flagpole delivery and installation here.

Shop In-Ground Residential Flagpoles Today!

Have questions about any of our residential flagpoles? Contact us today to learn more about our “Easy Order” and other residential flagpole options to find out which best fits your unique needs. Want to chat with a flag expert? Give us a call at 1-888-697-3524 and we'd be happy to assist you!

Curious about residential flagpole delivery and installation? You can learn more about delivery, installation, and more within our helpful flagpole selection, delivery and installation resources.

Need help stringing your flagpole once it's installed? Check out our helpful video tutorial that walks you through the steps of replacing a flagpole halyard here.