US Coast Guard Flag - Official Seal

  • Various sizes available
  • Durable All-Weather Nylon or Heavy Duty 2-Ply Polyester Material
  • Digitally printed, single-reverse with four rows reinforced stitching for durability
  • Choose Outdoor or Indoor Styles
  • Made in USA

Today's official Coast Guard flag is a white flag with a blue emblem. It's history is hard to track though. Even the Coast Guard itself can't give an official year, let alone, a date for it's inception. The earliest know image of the flag is from a painting from 1840. In this painting, the Revenue cutter Alexander Hamilton flies a flag very similar to today's Coast Guard standard as a jack. The next step in the history of the Coast Guard flag is in a 1917 illustration where it is no longer just the canton design, but is an entirely white flag with a blue design. The final design change of the Coast Guard flag would come after 1950 when the the semi-circle of stars would become a full circle and all elements would be finalized into the US Coast Guard flag that we know and love today.

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Flag Size Material Mounting Type Item Code Price
12x18" Nylon Header & Grommets e070007
2x3' Nylon 3" Pole Sleeve with Tab fz7932012
2x3' Nylon Header & Grommets fz7932011
3x5' Heavy Duty 2-Ply Polyester Header & Grommets v35336940
3x5' Nylon 3" Pole Sleeve and Fringe fz7932053
3x5' Nylon Header & Grommets FZ7932051
4x6' Nylon Header & Grommets fz7932091
4x6' Heavy Duty 2-Ply Polyester Header & Grommets v46336940
5x8' Nylon Header & Grommets fz7932131
6x10' Nylon Header & Grommets fs123f02271
8x12' Nylon Header & Grommets fs123f02284