Unfurl Tube Non-Tangle Device

Had enough of your flag getting tangled on windy days? This solution allows the flag to spin round and round on any fixed position pole. Clear plastic tube comes in 3' and 4' lengths with hardware used to attach to a 1" diameter pole. Flag attaches using re-usable ties to the tube which rolls around the pole with the wind.

  • Choose 3' or 4' length depending on flag size
  • Clear durable plastic spinning tube (flagpole NOT included)
  • Includes installation hardware and instructions for use
  • Recommended for use with header and grommet flags
  • Zip ties included to attach flag to tube
  • Made in USA

This product is great!!!
We have flown flags on our home for many years. Quite frankly, I was thinking about stopping since they were always tangled. I tried many ideas before, but this one is absolutely amazing! It really works! We are so thankful that we tried this!
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Excellent product.
I fly my flag on a 45 degree residential attachment. This unfurler is the best thing since peanut butter. Keeps the flag from tangling up regardless of the wind. Highly recommended.
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