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About Our Car Window & Door Flags

Car window flags are commonly used for parades, tailgating parties, funeral processions and advertising purposes, but they can also be flown at any time for any reason. For instance, car window flags may be flown to announce an affiliation with a military unit or fire department, or simply to show pride and patriotism.

Types of Car Window Flags

At Gettysburg Flag Works, we offer a wide variety of car window and door flags. All are digitally printed, double-sided with a light-blocking liner on polyester poplin or nylon, and mounted to a heavy duty car window staff.

Choose from military flags, including the Marine Corps Car Window Flag, the Army Car Window Flag, the Air Force Car Window Flag, the Coast Guard Car Window Flag, the Merchant Marine Car Window Flag, the POW/MIA Car Window Flag, the Gadsen Car Window Flag and the First Navy Jack Car Window Flag.

For law enforcement, we offer a Fire Department Car Window Flag, a Police Car Window Flag and the 9/11 We Remember Car Window Flag. We also carry Funeral Car Window Flags, Papal Car Window Flags, traditional American Car Window Flags, or Gay Pride Rainbow Car Window Flags.

Car Window & Door Flag Mounting Hardware

While all of our car window and door flags come with a heavy duty car window staff and clamp for mounting, we also carry other car window and door flag mounting hardware. Choose from Glass Door & Window Mounting Hardware for Wreaths and other hanging decorations.

How to Attach a Car Window Flag

Our car window flags are attached to a heavy duty car window staff with a clamp for mounting. Simply roll down the car window halfway, secure the clamp to the top of the window, and roll the window back up. We recommend mounting car door flags to the second row of windows, or the front passenger window. Car door flags should not be mounted to the driver’s window.

How to Display the U.S. Flag on a Vehicle

The U.S. Flag Code stipulates how and where the American flag can be flown, including when mounted to a vehicle. If flying two American Car Window Flags, they should be mounted to the second set of windows, on both sides of the vehicle, at the same height and in the same position. When flying only one American flag from a vehicle, it must be mounted on the passenger-side. The blue canton with stars should always be mounted closest to the front of the vehicle, which means the flag will appear backward on the passenger side.

How to Order a Car Window & Door Flag

All of our car window flags can purchased online or over the phone by calling 1-888-697-3524. For orders of 25 or more, we ask that you call for discounted pricing. We’re also happy to answer any questions you have, or to help with your custom car window flag order. Simply contact us online, or give us a call.