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Flag of Togo

The Togo flag has a great deal in common with many other flags, but its unique combination of the Togo flag colors with the flag's layout is enough to distinguish it from the other flags on the world stage. The flag's similarities to other flags and its fundamental design help the Togo flag to serve as both a symbol of the nation itself and the nation's solidarity with the other countries in Africa. 

  • Capital of Togo: Lome
  • Area of Togo: 54,385 sq. km
  • Languages used in Togo: French (official), Ewe and Mina, Kabye, Dagomba
  • Religions in Togo: Indigenous beliefs, Christian, Muslim

Colors and Symbolism of the Togo Flag

The flag of Togo is made up of five alternating stripes of green and yellow with a red rectangle that contains a white star with five points in the canton. The white star stands for hope, while the red that surrounds it represents the blood that the people of Togo have shed for their country and its independence. The green represents hope for the future, the country's trees, and its agricultural wealth. The yellow stripes stand for the nation's natural resources. The Togo flag colors are also the Pan-African colors, which represents the nation's close cultural and political association with the other nations of Africa. 

History of the Togo Flag

The history of the flag of Togo begins with the colonial period, when Togo became part of the German Empire. Germany did not provide a unique colonial flag to represent Togo, so the flag of the German Empire served to represent the colony. That changed after the end of the first world war, at which point Togo was divided into two mandates that were governed by Britain and France. The modern nation of Togo grew out of French Togo, which was adopted its first unique flag in 1957. The flag was part of the colony's efforts to gain autonomy and independence within the French Empire. It consisted of a dark green field with white stars in two of the corners and the French flag in the canton. The French flag was removed from it in 1958. That flag fell out of use in 1960, at which point it was replaced by the current design for the flag of Togo. The modern design was created by the famous African artist, Paul Ahyi, and has remained unchanged since it first came into use.