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Promotional Teardrop Flags & Attention Banners

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As the name indicates, promotional Teardrop Flags are shaped like an upside down tear drop. These flags are fully tensioned, meaning there is no free edge for the flag to flap in the wind. This is a great option if you want a promotional flag that works both inside and out, since the image on the teardrop attention banner will display clearly whether or not you have wind.

Constructed using durable, all-weather nylon, our promotional teardrop flags are 10’ high and 30” across at the widest point. Choose from various designs and colors to match your brand, as well as stock messages, including ‘Welcome’, ‘Open’ and ‘For Rent’ teardrop flags. We also offer in-house design services and can create a fully Custom Teardrop Flag to meet your needs.

How to Display Promotional Teardrop Flags

To display your teardrop attention banner, pair it with our 14’ fiberglass Teardrop Flagpole, and Spike Ground Mount or Surface Mount Stand.

Our three-piece teardrop flag pole is made of durable black fiberglass with reinforced stainless steel at the swedge joints. It has a 1” bottom diameter, tapering to 0.25” at the top, with a rubber tip to avoid flag damage, and a heavy duty canvas storage bag for easy transport.

Our teardrop ground mount spike is made of stainless steel and measures 24” overall, with a ball bearing that rotates the flagpole to move with wind conditions and facilitate the attention grabbing movement of the teardrop flag.

Our teardrop surface mount stand also includes a rotating ball bearing to allow the teardrop banner to spin and attract attention. Made of powder-coated metal construction, the stand can be permanently mounted to the ground, or used temporarily with the included weighted water donut.

Learn More About Our Teardrop Attention Banners & Hardware

For more information about our promotional teardrop banners, flag poles, rotating ground stakes and surface mount stands, contact us online or give us a call at 1-888-697-3524.