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Sports Flag Sets: Golf Flags & Racing Flags

Whether for the golf course or the race track, our official Sports Flag Sets ensure safe and enjoyable game play. Made of durable, all-weather nylon, these flags are meant to last through multiple uses and tough outdoor conditions.

Golf Flag Sets, Pins & Putting Green Flags

Golf Flags, also known as pins or putting green flags, are used to designate the holes on a golf course. Each flag is typically flown several feet above the ground, so players can locate the hole’s position on the green from hundreds of yards away, allowing them to set up their shot from the tee or the fairway.

The various colors of golf flags denote where the hole is located on the green. Red golf flags for a hole at the front of the putting green, blue or yellow golf flags for a hole at the back of the green, and black or white golf flags for a hole in the middle.

Our collection of golf flag sets includes Yellow Golf Flags and White & Red Golf Flags for holes 1-18, as well as sets for just the front nine or back nine. Measuring 14x20” and printed on durable, all-weather nylon, our golf flags are available with a canvas header and brass grommets for mounting, or they can be sewn to a rotating golf pin tube.

We also carry Custom Golf Tournament Flags and Golf Directional Flags so you can have a great day out on the golf course during your tournaments or for normal course use.

Motorcycle Racing Flags & Auto Racing Flag Sets

Motorcycle & Auto Racing Flags are used for race officials to communicate important messages to drivers, or to indicate track conditions. These racing flags are typically waved by the Starter or Grand Marshall, located on an elevated flag stand at the start/finish line, as well as by Track Marshals throughout the course. In addition to their practical use, racing flags are also used by automotive-themed retailers and businesses for marketing purposes.

Our Auto Racing Flag Sets include a green start flag, yellow caution flag, red stop flag, blue and orange move over flag, white last lap flag, black go to pit flag and checkered end of race flag. These official auto racing flag sets are available mounted on dowels or a pole band. We also carry an Auto Racing Stick Flag Set with 4x6” polyester replicas of the 7 auto racing flags.

Our Motorcycle Racing Flag Sets feature 8 durable, all-weather nylon flags, measuring 30x30”. The set includes a green start flag, yellow caution flag, red stop flag, blue move over flag, white one lap flag, black leave the track flag, red cross ambulance flag and checkered end of race flag. Choose from a variety of mounting and attachment options.

More Sports Flags

In addition to our Golf Flag Sets, Motorcycle Racing Flag Sets and Auto Racing Flag Sets, Gettysburg Flag Works carries a variety of individual Sports Flags, including Baseball Flags, Basketball Flags, Football Flags, Hockey Flags, and College Sports Flags.

Have questions about our Sports Flag Sets, or need help placing an order? Contact us online or give us a call at 1-888-697-3524.