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Football Team Flags are a popular way to celebrate or mourn your favorite team. Football Team flags and felt pennants can be found on this website. Gettysburg Flag Works, Inc. carries Football Team Flags for teams in the Northeast of the United States and also carries several college Football Team Flags. All are produced by licensed manufactures and carry the licensed seal.

Football Team Flags are used on residential flagpoles, at tailgate parties on tailgate flagpoles, and may also just be hung on a house or out of a dorm room. Some of the more popular team of the Northeast include New York Giants, New England Patriots, New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills.

Football Team Banners For Indoor Or Outdoor Display

Felt banners compliment Football Team Flags. Pro Football Team banners are usually licensed products and cannot be made without permission from the teams owners. Football Team banners come in either a vertical or horizontal orientation and can come with either grommets or a pole hem for installation and display.

There are Football Team banners that represent pro, college, high school, and even some grade school or PoP Warner teams. Football Team banners for professional teams come in bright bold colors and proudly display the teams mascot or lead players.

Potential Uses of Football Team Flags and Football Team Banners

If there ever a unique use of one of these products, it is probably in the men’s restroom. This might occur in a local that is very strong in support for a single team. Neighborhood rivalries can be set of when one neighbor will fly their Football Team flag on their flagpole not only to root for their favorite team, but to tease their neighbor. This could be good or bad, depending on the neighbors.

Football Team banners and Football Team flags are often used to create or intensify both real and imagined team rivalries. Not often, but in some neighborhoods, one team’s Football Team Flags will be more dominant that another.

One of the best uses for Football Team Flags and Felt banners is to be given as a gift. College students, both young men and women, enjoy showing support for their favorite, or most likely, their home team. Dorm rooms around the globe are full of Football Team banners and Football Team flags. Local taverns and even chain restaurants display Football Team banners and Football Team flags to encourage patrons to stop in on “game” night and enjoy their offerings and have some fun.

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