Oregon State Flag

A short history of the Oregon State flag
Oregon is the only state to retain a double-sided flag with different images on each side. The middle part of the state seal appears on the obverse (front), consisting of a heart-shaped shield. Surrounded by 33 stars, the number of states in the Union when Oregon was admitted. Inside the shield is an allegorical landscape depicting a wagon train arriving at the Pacific Ocean, with the rising sun in the background. The scroll is printed with the state motto, and below it is a wheatsheaf flanked by agricultural implements. The date and name are above and below the seal. The reverse side of the flag shows a beaver standing on its dam, and is a reminder of the early fur-trapping days. The flag was adopted in 1925 with both designs in yellow on a blue field. The present design used on the flag was adopted in 1903 when Oregon achieved statehood.

A short history of Oregon (The Beaver State)
Oregon was once ruled jointly by the USA and Britain, between 1818-48. It originally included Idaho and Washington in the Territory. It became a Territory in its own right, and was admitted to the Union on February 14, 1859.

Area of Oregon: 97,073 sq. miles
Capital: Salem
Major Products: gold and other minerals, cattle, hay, wheat, timber and wood products
Tourism: about 16 million visitors annually
State Motto: The Union

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