Oklahoma State Flag

A short history of the Oklahoma State flag
In the state flag the symbols are featured prominently, and the name of the state derives from an Indian word meaning "red people". The design of the flag was created by Mrs. Luise Fluke with the help from Dr. Joseph Thoburn of the Oklahoma Historical Society. On the Osage shield an olive branch, and a peace pipe cross. On April 2, 1925 the flag was adopted, and the name of the state was added in May 1941.

A short history of Oklahoma (The Sooner State)
Oklahoma was originally part of the Louisiana Purchase, and one of the Great Plains states. For many years it was left unorganized as Indian Territory. It became a regular Territory in 1890 after opening up to the white settlers. Oklahoma was admitted as a state on November 16, 1907.

Area of Oklahoma: 69,919 sq. miles
Capital: Oklahoma City
Major Products: oil, gas, wheat, timber
State Motto: Labor omnia vincit ("Work conquers all")

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