Erin Go Bragh Flag

Celebrate your Irish pride and heritage with a traditional Erin Go Bragh flag! Green and gold featuring Irish emblems, these flags are beautiful decorations for St. Patrick's Day or for celebrating the Irish spirit year round!

  • Various sizes and styles available
  • Durable All-Weather Nylon
  • Digitally printed, single-reverse with four rows reinforced stitching for durability
  • Canvas header & brass grommet attachment OR pole sleeve attachment
  • Made in USA

Show Your Irish Pride with an Erin Go Bragh Flag

This green and gold flag is steeped in Irish culture and history. Available in various sizes and in indoor and outdoor styles, this flag is a great way to celebrate your Irish heritage on St. Patrick's Day, or any day of the year!

The Meaning of the Erin Go Bragh Flag

"Erin go Bragh" is the Anglicization of the Irish "Éire go Brách," or possibly "Éireann go Brách," and means "Ireland Forever."

The phrase's origins may come from a Scottish song from the 19th century entitled "Erin-go-Bragh." This phrase was used to show Irish nationalism by 1847, when a group of Irish soldiers fighting with the U.S. Army in the U.S. - Mexican war deserted and joined the Mexican side. These soldiers of "Saint Patrick's Battalion," as they called themselves, flew a similar flag to this one as their standard.

The harp on the Erin Go Bragh flag is a national emblem of Ireland, while the green color has been said to represent St. Patrick and Catholicism. If you want to showcase your Irish pride, the Erin Go Bragh flag is a great way to do so!

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Have questions about our Erin Go Bragh flags or any other products we offer? Give us a call at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online and we'd be happy to assist you!

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2x3' Header & Grommets fz5092011
2x3' Pole Sleeve with Tab fz5092012
2x3' Pole Sleeve with Fringe fz5092013
3x5' Header & Grommets fz5092051
3x5' Pole Sleeve with Tab fz5092052
3x5' Pole Sleeve with Fringe fz5092053
4x6' Header & Grommets fz5092091
4x6' Pole Sleeve with Tab fz5092092
4x6' Pole Sleeve with Fringe fz5092093
5x8' Header & Grommets fz5092131