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Today, American flag pins are worn by politicians, military personnel and law enforcement officers, as well as private citizens. These patriotic lapel pins are a symbol of democracy, freedom and love for one’s country, and are worn as tie tacks, and on uniforms, suit jackets, blazers, shirts and hats.

History of American Flag Lapel Pins

Although American flag lapel pins likely existed prior to Richard Nixon’s presidency, it was Nixon who brought them to the nation’s attention. The suggestion to wear the pin came from Nixon’s chief of staff H.R. Haldeman, who noticed Robert Redford’s character sporting an American flag pin on his lapel in the movie The Candidate. However, after Nixon’s ill-fated second term, it would be 30 years before the wearing of an American flag pin became commonplace again.

In 2001, it was President George W. Bush who once again popularized the American flag lapel pin when he wore one while addressing the nation following the terrorist attacks on September 11. From that day forward, the American flag pin has been a mainstay on the lapels of politicians. In fact, when it’s missing, the nation takes note, as Barack Obama discovered after choosing not to where the patriotic pin on his lapel during the presidential debates.

American Flag Pin Etiquette

According to the United States Flag Code, American flag pins should be worn on the left lapel. The logic being that you should wear your patriotism closest to your heart. However, if you are wearing a tie and not a blazer, it is also acceptable to wear these patriotic pins in the center of the tie. If you are wearing neither a jacket nor a tie, than the pin should be worn on the left side of your shirt, just above your heart.

Military personnel, policemen, firemen and members of other patriotic organizations are also permitted to wear lapel pins as part of a formal uniform, so long as it is appears on the left lapel or above the heart.

When wearing an American flag lapel pin, it should be secured firmly to the garment, so as not to spin around. Per the Flag Code, it is unacceptable to display the flag upside down, and it could be misconstrued as a statement that you oppose the United States.

Types of Patriotic Lapel Pins

All of our patriotic lapel pins are made in the USA with baked epoxy, non-toxic “green” inks and a jeweler’s hard epoxy domed surface coating. In addition, the all-metal, hand-silkscreened design is fade resistant under normal use. Choose from a rectangular American Flag Lapel Pin, the popular waving American Flag Lapel Pin or the Double U.S. Flag Lapel Pin. We also carry several other patriotic pins including, a rectangular Betsy Ross Lapel Pin, the waving Betsy Ross Lapel Pin or the Betsy Ross Flag Crossed with the American Flag Lapel Pin.

For questions about our American flag pins, or to place an order for our patriotic lapel pins by phone, give us a call at 1-888-697-3524. You can also contact us online.

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