Custom Fire Company Flag Portfolio

At Gettysburg Flag Works, you can design a custom firefighter flag! Fly your personalized firefighter flag with pride to show the the work you do saving others. Use your flag to encourage recruitment or to look professional in the next parade. A customized firefighter flag also makes a great gift for the firefighter in your life!

Gettysburg Flag Works staff would love to help you with the perfect custom Fire Department flag for your firehouse or next parade. Call 1-888-697-3524 to talk to a representative about your needs.

Custom Fire Fighter flags - Personalize a Firefighter Flag Today!

Custom fire department flags are the perfect way to identify your organization, and show pride in the work that you do.

They can be designed to be whatever size you choose but the most popular custom fire department flags are 3x5 feet. They can also be constructed in manner of your choice. For a high-end look and feel, you may choose hand sewn applique. An alternative to fully sewn applique would be to have appliqued lettering with an embroidered seal. The more standard approach to construction for custom fire fighter flags, is digitally printed on a durable nylon material.

Most fire fighter flags have gold fringe sewn on to three sides of the flag. This adds a very professional and high quality look to the custom flags, particularly for use in a parade. They are constructed with 3-inch pole sleeves for presentation.

Custom fire fighter flags are also a great way to represent the organization, and encourage recruitment at community events and functions.

Gettysburg Flag Works staff would love to help you create the perfect custom fire fighter flags for your building or next parade.

Products related to Custom Fire Fighter Flags

If you are looking to use your custom fire fighter flags for a parade, be sure that you have all of the necessary parade accessories. This includes a parade flag pole. Parade flagpoles come in several finishes including metallic gold and silver, wood and fiberglass.

Parade flagpoles are typically adorned with a decorative finial that is appropriate for the flag being carried. These flagpole finials are available at Gettysburg Flag Works as well.

"Loyal to our Duty" Firefighter Flags

Gettysburg Flag Works offers the very popular, Loyal to our Duty . We have a selection of sizes including the standard 3x5 foot on nylon, as well as the smaller 4x6 inch and 12x18 inch versions. These sizes are mounted on either a plastic or wooden staff with a spear at the top.

If you are interested in fire fighter flags, you may also be interested in other civil service related items that we offer such as EMS flags and banners. We also have a nice selection of memorial related flags such as 9/11 and the Fireman Remembrance flag.

Have Questions About Personalized Firefighter Flags?

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