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Custom Screen Printed Flags & Banners Portfolio

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Screen printing is an old process where different colored inks are layered onto fabric using a screen to create the design. It's been perfected over the years as a durable process that's just perfect for large runs of the same design.

While there is a separate cost of creating the initial screen, the quantity pricing of the flags is low and the quality is high. This is often the process of choice for company logos, school mascots or simple messages. The colors are solid and bold but the process is best kept to only a few colors.

If you're looking to print an affordable custom flag, screen printing is the way to go! Request a quote for your unique flag using the button below to get the process started!

What is Screen Printing? How Does Screen Printing Work on Flags?

Screen printing is a process where ink is applied to a fabric, paper, plastic or any other surface using a screen to produce the design. The screen is created for each color in the design, usually using a digital process from a computer art file. Once the screen is ready, it's laid over the substrate and ink is pressed through it. This is repeated for each color in the design. Once done, the design must dry. Some types of ink air dry and others are put through a dryer. The process has several time consuming steps but can be effectively used to produce many copies of a simple design fairly inexpensively.

The finished product has a durable imprint. That's why this process has been used for years for custom flags which will be used outdoors and on t-shirts which will be washed and dried hundreds of times in their lifespans.

What Types of Flags & Banners Are Screen Printed?

Screen printing is still used for several types of flags and banners. Some of the most popular screen printed flags are bicycle flags, marker flags, and advertising pennants. These items are printed onto a flexible plastic in large batches. avenue banners and fabric flags are more often digitally printed but can still be done with screen printing for large quantities.

How To Order a Custom Screen Printed Flag

It all starts with a quote. To quote custom printed flags or banners, we'll need some details about the finished product. We need to know the finished flag size, if it will be single or double sided, and how many flags you'd like to order. Please use the quote request form above or call our sales department at 1-888-697-3524 to start the quoting process.

Once you've received your quote and placed your order with your salesperson, the order goes to our graphics department. Here, your custom flags will be designed to scale and a proof will be emailed to you for approval. Just email your artist with any changes or to approve your custom flags, and they will then send it to production.

Our production teams will then take care to print your design onto the material of your choice. Our expert sewing staff will carefully finish your flag with reinforced stitching and either a sleeve or grommets for mounting your new flag. Production typically takes 2-3 weeks but your specific timeline will be agreed upon during your quote and order process. Rush orders are often available depending on our current work load.

Ready To Order Your Custom Screen Printed Flag?

Start the process today, and you'll have your flag in your hands before you know it! Give us a call at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online here to request a custom quote!

Interested in learning about other flag processes besides screen printing? Check out our guide to custom flag creation processes here.

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