Flagpole Halyard - Braided

Durable, mold resistant halyard (rope) for your flagpole. This synthetic halyard is sold by the foot and is available in several colors and diameters to fit your needs. If you'd like more than one section, please order the full number of feet and then give cutting instructions in the notes of your order.


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How to determine what size diameter and how much halyard you need for your flagpole: The diameter of the halyard depends on the allowable rope diameter of the pulley on the flagpole. Please confirm this diameter BEFORE purchasing.

How long should my halyard be? Typically-this is the height of the flagpole multiplied by two (2). For example: a 30' flagpole, multiply by 2 = 60' of halyard. It is better to have a little extra than not enough.

What is the difference between the nylon halyard and the polypropylene halyard? It's the chemical make up of the materials. For that reason the polypropylene can be dyed silver, bronze or black and the nylon comes in white. There is no notable difference in durability.

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Diameter, Color & Material Item Code Price
3/16" Silver Polypropylene e350200-ft
1/4" Silver Polypropylene e350201-ft
5/16" Silver Polypropylene e350202-ft
3/8" Silver Polypropylene e350203-ft
3/16" Bronze Polypropylene e350204-ft
1/4" Bronze Polypropylene e350205-ft
5/16" Bronze Polypropylene e350206-ft
3/8" Bronze Polypropylene e350207-ft
3/16" Black Polypropylene e350208-ft
1/4" Black Polypropylene e350209-ft
5/16" Black Polypropylene e350210-ft
3/8" Black Polypropylene e350211-ft
3/16" White Nylon g0010
1/4" White Nylon g0011
5/16" White Nylon ERSBH101000
3/8" White Polyester g0013
1/2" White Polyester g0115