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Vatican City Flag – Indoor

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Our beautiful, high quality indoor religious flags are made from nylon and come with a sleeve and tab for mounting to an indoor flag set (click here for mounting sets). Finished with Spanish gold fringe.

History of the Vatican City Flag

The medieval Papal States, like most medieval powers, did not have a national flag. The Papal States represented themselves with a coat of arms that consisted of crossed keys on a red shield. The colors came from the colors of the Roman Senate, which served to emphasize the link between the Catholic Church and the ancient Roman Empire. The colors were used to identify Papal troops when they took to the battlefield, so they most likely found a place on war banners even though no national flag was in common use. They were finally adopted for use in a flag in 1803, when they were used to create the country's first merchant flag.

The red portions of the nation's military symbols were replaced with white during the Napoleonic Wars in order to distinguish the forces of the Papal State from the soldiers that followed Napoleon. Yellow and white flags were used in the Papal army from that point on, but the precise alignment of those colors varied widely. They fell out of use when the Papal States lost control over all of their territory near the end of the 19th century, but they formed the basis of the modern flag of Vatican City following the Lateran Treaty that established the nation in 1929. The 1929 design has served as the flag of Vatican City without any changes ever since the modern country formed.

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