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Flag of Monaco

Many nations in Europe have flags that can trace their design back to the medieval period, and Monaco is no exception. Monaco flags have gone unchanged for more than a century, and the oldest form of their design dates back at least as far as 1339. Several Monaco flags are in use in addition to the national flag, and their design stretches back just as far.

  • Capital of Monaco: Monaco
  • Area of Monaco: 1.95 sq. km
  • Languages used in Monaco: French (official), English, Italian, Monegasque
  • Religions in Monaco: Roman Catholic

Colors and Symbolism of Monaco Flags

The flag of Monaco is a horizontal bicolor of red and white. The colors are derived from those of the House of Grimaldi, which has held many noble titles over the centuries of its existence and currently reigns over the Principality of Monaco. As is often the case, the colors that represent the ruling family also serve as symbols of the nation itself. Older flags of Monaco often featured the nation's coat of arms, which was likewise derived from that of the House of Grimaldi.

History of Monaco Flags

Monaco has had three official flags over the course of its history, but it has also used several unofficial flags. The country's oldest flag dates back to its founding, and it strongly resembled the modern state flag, but it included an archaic form of the nation's coat of arms. It was used from the earliest days of the nation until 1881 with only a single interruption. Monaco was part of France between 1793 and 1814, and it was represented by the French flag during that period. 

Monaco adopted the modern flag in 1881 in order to simplify the national flag's design. The modern bicolor has been used without any changes or interruptions since it was first adopted, but it is not the only flag that has been used during that time. The nation's state flag features a white field with the country's count of arms in the center. It is a symbol of both the nation and its monarch, and it is flown both on formal occasions and on the Prince's yacht. 

The state's arms, which are also the arms of the House of Grimaldi, are used in an unofficial capacity by some people in Monaco. The government has not authorized it for any formal use at any time during the nation's history, but it is commonly used by patriots and citizens of Monaco.