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Missouri State Flag

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State Flag of Missouri

The state flag of Missouri combines symbols of the United States, France, and the state itself to create a design that reflects the entirety of Missouri's history. It took several years for the Missouri House of Representatives to approve the design after it had first been proposed, but the state of Missouri flag quickly became a potent and popular symbol of the state once the bill was finally approved.

Colors and Symbolism of the State of Missouri Flag

The state of Missouri flag is a horizontal triband of red, white, and blue that displays the state's seal in the center. The three colors reflect both the colors of the United States and those of France, which was a major influence on the state's early history. Each color also has symbolic value in its own right. The red stripe is a symbol of courage and valor, the white stripe represents purity, and the blue stripe symbolizes both justice and vigilance.

The state seal in the center of the flag displays two bears supporting a disc that is divided into three sections. The largest section takes up the right half of the disc and features the Great Seal of the United States, while the left side of the disc is split into two equal parts. The upper part displays a crescent moon, which represents the state's ability to grow. The lower portion features another bear, which is a symbol of courage and strength.

History of the State Flag of Missouri

The state flag of Missouri was designed by Marie Elizabeth Watkins Oliver in 1908. She performed extensive research on existing state flags in the United States before she created her own design for Missouri. Her nephew, Arthur Oliver, submitted her design to the state government for approval after it was completed. He proposed the flag's adoption for the first time in 1909, but the bill was not approved at that time. He made a second attempt in 1911, but that attempt was also unsuccessful. A fire destroyed the original paper copy of the design shortly after the second attempt, and it was replaced with a silk flag for the Oliver's third attempt in 1913. That effort was successful, and it gave Missouri a state flag that has not been changed since it was first approved.

A short history of the Missouri State flag
One of the Daughters of the American Revolution designed the flag based on the state seal on the background of the French Tricolor, to recall Missouri's history as part of the Louisiana Purchase. The flag was not adopted until March 22, 1913. A year after Missouri achieved statehood in 1822, the state seal was adopted. Missouri was the twenty-fourth to join the Union which is shown by the stars around the outer rim and in the blue sky above the arms. On one half of the arms contains those of the U.S.A. and the other half of the arms divided into two quarters showing a grizzly bear and a crescent.

A short history of Missouri (The Show Me State)
Missouri was the "launching pad" for the Winning of the West, and was first settled by the French in 1735. Ruled by Spain during 1763-1800, and sold to the USA, as part of the Louisiana Purchase. It was the second Territory formed from the area in 1812, and became a state on August 10,1821.

Area of Missouri: 69,697 sq. miles
Capital: Jefferson City
Major Products: lead, zinc, coal, corn, soybeans, wheat, transport equipment
State Motto: Salus populi suprema le esto ("Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law")