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Maryland State Flag

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Purchase Your Maryland State Flag - Highest Quality Maryland State Flag

Gettysburg Flag Works offers the highest quality Maryland state flags on the market. Constructed in the USA of the finest grade all weather nylon or durable two ply polyester, our Maryland State flag features bright beautiful colors that represent the Old Line State proudly!

The Maryland state flag has one of the most unique and memorable state flag designs of all the 50 states! We help you show off your Maryland state flag in all its eye popping glory, making the front of your house an instant conversation piece for the neighbors. In addition to the residential customer, our Maryland state flag is popular with commercial customers because we know how to do business the right way. Many people purchase their Maryland state flag to bring along to the infield of Preakness each year, or even when tailgating before a Terrapin football game. You will also see our Maryland state flag hanging along the bodegas and boutiques of Ocean City’s boardwalk. Our quality cannot be beat - buy your Maryland state flag from Gettysburg Flag Works today!

A brief history of the Fascinating Maryland State flag

The flag of Maryland consists of the heraldic banners of the family of George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore. It is the only state flag in the United States to be based on British heraldry, though Washington, D.C.'s is as well. It was officially adopted by Maryland in 1904. The black and gold design on the flag is that of the Calvert family. It was given to Calvert as a result of storming a fortification in battle (the vertical bars approximate the bars of the palisade). The red and white design is that of the Crossland family, the family of Calvert's mother, and features a cross bottony. George Calvert adopted a coat of arms that included a shield with alternating quadrants featuring both the colors of his paternal family (in the 1st and 4th quarters) and of his maternal family (in the 2nd and 3rd quarters).

A short history of Maryland - The Old Line State

In 1767, Dixon and Mason established its boundary with Pennsylvania on a famous line (the Mason-Dixon Line). They were the proprietors and ruled Maryland until the state was formed in 1776. On April 28, 1788 it ratified the U.S. Constitution.

Area of Maryland: 10,460 sq. miles
Capital: Annapolis
Major Products: dairy products, poultry, coal, cement, electrical and electronic equipment, processed food, tourism
State Motto: Fatti maschii, parole femine (Manly deeds, womanly words)
Nickname(s): Old Line State; Free State

Products related to Maryland State Flags

Display your Maryland state flag properly. We have multiple styles of brackets and flagpoles to choose from so that the Maryland state flag looks its best. Looking for a bigger statement to represent the “Old Line State”? Consider getting a quote from one of our experts for an inground 20’ flagpole, which look fantastic in front of the house or workplace.

Have a boat? We design and make a wide range of boat and nautical flags, including historical Maryland state flags. We can make them in any size, from the smaller 12x18” boat size or a standard 3x5’. Enquire today about your specialty Maryland state flag!

Customers who bought Maryland state flags are also interested in our custom flags – including our custom Heirloom Collection. When did your relations settle in Maryland? Trace your roots and show off your family crest in style by having us print or sew it onto a banner for you! Ask us for details.