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Fishing flags are very popular among anglers. Every common fish flag that Gettysburg Flag Works, Inc. offers is smaller in size than standard American flags flown by homeowners (12 by 18" ) size). And of course fishing flags come in a variety of colors. Each fish flag will have a unique design and a distinctive color arrangement. Most fishing flags are constructed using nylon base material with either silk screen or acid dye process for the design. Both can be durable. However the best durability for any fish flag is accomplished with taking the flag in when not in use.

There are several fishing flags on our website. These cover the most popular fish for both salt water and fresh water.

Fisherman Love Our Individual Fish Flags

You can use a fish flag on any size boat from a small canoe to a larger ocean going yacht. Fishing flags, as with any other flag, should follow US Flag Code protocol. Fishing flags should not be larger than, nor fly higher than the US Flag.

Any fishing flag can be customized. Custom lettering can be applied by several methods, including heat pressed lettering or embroidery or appliqué. Most fishing flags are single-reverse in style, meaning that the image and any lettering would be seen backwards on the backside (reverse) of the fish flag. So if you would want the image and lettering to be read correctly on both sides, you would order a double-sided fishing flag.

One might see a fish flag with other boating and marine flags. Popular boating flags include pirate flags, yacht club flags, fun flags, custom boat flags and naval flags. Weather flags are also popular with off shore cruising vessels. A lot of casual boaters fly the Navy Jack, or the US Yacht Ensign flag, or the US Power Squadron flag, off their stern. Of course, with the latest controversy over the Confederate Battle flag it would probably be wise to fly a fish flag or a fishing flag and avoid the hassle.

About Fishing flag and Fishing Club Flag

Imagine that some anglers might use a specific fishing flag as a club flag. A fishing club could also order a custom fishing flag with their club name and a neatly stylized fish.

What's the difference between a fish flag and a fishing flag? That's a good question and up for debate. The fish flag obviously shows a particular fish. The fishing flag might show a fish being caught by an angler on a boat or on shore. Whether you prefer calling your flag a fish flag or a fishing flag, we hope you purchase it from Gettysburg Flag Works, Inc..

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