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Fishing Flags For Sale - Boating, Sports & Deep Sea Fishing Flags

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Shop High Quality Fishing Flags and Boating Flags For Sale

Gettysburg Flag Works carries a variety of fishing flags and boating flags. Each fishing flag has a unique design and a distinctive color arrangement. Most fishing flags are constructed using high quality nylon base material with either silk screen or acid dye process for the design.

There are several fishing flags to choose from, that cover the most popular fish for both salt water and fresh water. We also carry a wide variety of striped bass fisherman flags, and swordfish flags

Fish Flags for Boats

Fishermen love our individual fish flags; they're some of the most popular fishing flags in our collection! You can use a fish flag on any size boat from a small canoe to a larger ocean going yacht. From bass to tuna, no matter what you're fishing for we've got you covered!

Fishing flags, as with all other flags, should follow US Flag Code protocol. Fishing flags should not be larger than, nor fly higher than, the US Flag.

Custom Fisherman Flags

Looking to buy a unique gift for the fisherman in your life? Can't quite find the fishing flag you're envisioning? Create a custom fishing flag! Any fishing flag can be customized to your liking. Custom lettering can be applied by several methods, including heat pressed lettering or embroidery or appliqué. Most fishing flags are single-reverse in style, meaning that the image and any lettering would be seen backwards on the backside (reverse) of the fish flag. So if you would want the image and lettering to be read correctly on both sides, you would order a double-sided fishing flag.

Popular Flags for Fishing Boats & Fishermen

There are so many fishing flags to choose from, but some favorites for fishing vessels include the products featured on this page, as well as: pirate flags, yacht and nautical flags, code signal flags, custom wave boat flag and Navy flags.

Shop Fishing Flags

Have questions about creating a custom fishing flag? Can't find the flag you're looking for? Give us a call at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online We will get back to you shortly with the information you need!

Interested in learning more about how to properly fly your fishing flag? Find everything you need to know about boat flag etiquette here.