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Flag of El Salvador

There have been many different El Salvador flags since the nation first became independent from Spain. They have always drawn inspiration from the flags of the nation's allies, but they have also always had unique and distinctive aspects that represent El Salvador's national character.

  • Capital of El Salvador:San Salvador
  • Area of El Salvador: 20,720 sq. km
  • Languages used in El Salvador: Spanish, Nahua
  • Religions in El Salvador: Roman Catholic

Colors and Symbolism of El Salvador Flags

Modern El Salvador flags feature the national coat of arms in a white stripe situated between two stripes of dark blue. The colors represent the nation's economic history, since they resemble the dyes that were important to the country's colonial economy. The coat of arms represents the nation itself and displays some of the country's most important symbols. It can be flown with two different slogans, a secular one which is used by the government and a religious alternative which is authorized for use by citizens. 

History of El Salvador Flags

The flag of El Salvador draws inspiration from the flags of Argentina, which was one of the first nations to offer military support when Spain's colonies in Central America declared independence, and the flag of the Federal Republic of Central America, which was the first nation to form in Central America after the colonies won their independence from Spain. The modern flag is very similar to that of the Federal Republic, but it is not the first flag that El Salvador has used since it became independent. The earlier flags drew on the American flag for inspiration. They featured blue and white stripes with a red field of white stars displayed in the canton. 

That El Salvador flag changed several times over the years, because the government added a new star to the design every time that El Salvador gained a new province. It eventually fell out of use in 1912 when the government decided to replace the old flag with the modern design.