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About Our Friendship Flag Pins with Crossed Flags

High quality metal crossed flags lapel pins with embossed image and colored with a lacquered coating. Single and double (crossed flags) lapel pins all metal lacquered design with clutch pin. For designs not shown here, please call for a quote.

A friendship pin is a lapel pin depicting crossed flags in a sign of friendship. Gettysburg Flag Works offers country flag pins for nearly every country flag and all American state flags. We also offer custom country pins with any combination of crossed flags.

Friendship lapel pins are very popular ways to show joint heritage or where a group works together from 2 nations. We work with many US embassies making and selling the highest quality, most accurate country crossed flags pins on the market.

Country Pins

Gettysburg Flag Works offers country flag pins with a single waving flag of most countries around the world. These types of lapel pins are readily available as Chinese made lapel pins, but we have contracted the manufacture of our new country pins made in America.

Other Lapel Pins Available At Gettysburg Flag Works

High quality metal lapel pins, hand silk screened using baked epoxy inks & jewelers hard epoxy domed surface coating. Inks are non-toxic "green" inks that will not fade with normal use. Dimensions are approximately 3/4" tall and wide. Made in the USA!

Gettysburg Flag Works also offers flag lapel pins for other flags like military flags, Canadian provinces, armed forces seals and historical flags.

Custom made lapel pins can be made using your artwork. Our manufacture is in the United States and uses the highest quality screen printing inks and gloss coatings to make your logo or design look stunning. These make great giveaways, fundraiser items and membership gifts.

Note from a happy lapel pin customer: Dear Gettysburg Flag Works, Let me first say that following disappointment after disappointment in ordering and receiving very poor quality merchandise from other American Flag pin vendors, I had just about given up when I stumbled across your website and decided to give it one more try. Boy am I glad I did. I recently ordered 10 of your basic American flag design lapel pins - I like to wear one on my coat and have one in my pocket to hand out on occasion. When I received my shipment from your company I could not have been more pleased at the fine quality of workmanship of the overall pin design and the appearance was outstanding! At your low price I was afraid I would end up with something less, as I had ordered others that were priced up to 8.00 each that pale in comparison to your product. Thank you so very much for continuing the great American tradition of producing quality products and for finally allowing me to proudly wear a high-quality and magnificent looking lapel pin worthy of our symbol of freedom. Sincerely, Brian C.

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