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Flag of Arkansas

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Arkansas State Flag

The Arkansas state flag has an unusual color scheme that helps it to stand out from the rest of the state flags while also emphasizing the state's connection to the rest of America. It is one of the minority of state flags that does not include the state's seal or coat of arms, which also helps to make sure that the flag of Arkansas is easy to recognize.

Colors and Symbolism of the Flag of Arkansas

Arkansas state flags have solid red field that display a white diamond in the center. The diamond has a blue border that is filled with white stars, and the inside of the diamond contains the state's name below a single blue star and above a set of three blue stars. The flag's color scheme echoes that of the national flag of the United States, which reminds the viewer that Arkansas is part of a larger nation.

The government of Arkansas has defined the flag's symbolism in great detail. The flag's central diamond commemorates the fact that Arkansas was the only state with a working diamond mine when the flag was first designed. The single star above the state's name represents the Confederate States of America, which Arkansas joined during the Civil War. The three stars below the state's name represent the fact that Arkansas was the third state to form out of the Louisiana purchase and that three nations have held its territory. The white stars in the border around the diamond honor Arkansas's place as the 25th state to join the Union.

History of Arkansas State Flags

The Arkansas state flag came into use in 1924, a dozen years after the first efforts to design the flag began. The Daughters of the American Revolution sponsored a contest to develop the flag of Arkansas after they realized that the state had no flag to display at the commissioning of a battleship named after the state. The first of the Arkansas state flags came into use in 1913, and it was replaced in 1923. Both of the designs were similar to the modern flag and differed only in the number and placement of stars inside the flag's central diamond. The flag reached its current form in 1924, although a law was passed in 2011 that specified the precise shades of red and blue that the flag must use.

A short history of the Arkansas State flag
The flag of Arkansas is a reminder of the Confederate Battle Flag with blue diagonals and white stars. The Daughters of the American Revolution put pressure on the authorities to adopt an official flag for the presentation of the battleship of Arkansas. In the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, Arkansas was one of three states formed. The USA bought the land from France. The three states are represented in the center by the three blue stars. Arkansas was the twenty-fifth state to be admitted to the Union, which is represented by the twenty-five white stars. The Confederacy and the tricolor of France are both represented by the red, white and blue colors.

A short history of Arkansas (A Land of Opportunity)
On the river of the same name, and west of the Mississippi, it was part of the Louisiana territory sold to the U.S.A for $15 million in 1803. The rest of Louisiana belonged to Spain between 1763-1800 but it did become a territory in 1819. Admitted to the Union on June 15, 1836, seceded on May 6, 1861 and re-admitted on June 22, 1868.

Area of Arkansas: 53,187 sq. miles
Capital: Little Rock
Major Products: Bauzite and other minerals, rice, cotton, poultry, manufactured goods
State Motto: Regnat polulus ("The people rule")