Guidon Staff

  • 8' or 9' tall hardwood guidon staff
  • 1-5/32" diameter pole in light ash finish
  • 7" or 8.5" army spear
  • Threaded metal joint
  • Metal pointed ferrule at the bottom
  • Choose hardware in either brass or chrome.

Please note: some variations of this item ship in an oversize package.

Each company or platoon-sized unit of the United States military carries a special guidon (flag) that has the insignia of their unit on it. The guidon represents both the unit and the commander. This is true for the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and the Navy. This guidon gets mounted to the special guidon staff for display and during use. The carrier of the guidon is known as the "guidon bearer" or "guide", and lead the unit in ceremonies and drills. To be the "guidon bearer" is a great honor.

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Length Spear Item Code Price
8' 7" Brass a555810
8' 7" Chrome a555811
9' 8.5" Chrome a555911
9' 8.5" Brass a555910