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Flag Use on Vehicles

Flying a Flag Behind Your Car or Truck

We get it, we really do - it looks awesome to fly down the road with a big Old Glory stretched out behind your ride. Super patriotic and definitely the type of free expression we support.

HOWEVER- from a practical standpoint - we DO NOT recommend flying flags, especially larger flags, on vehicles that will be traveling above parade speeds (5-10MPH).

Why We Don't Recommend Flying Flags Behind Cars

There are hazards associated with flying flags behind cars and trucks, including distracting drivers and the dangers that could occur if a flag comes loose while driving. But aside from those safety concerns, flying a flag behind a vehicle is just plain not good for the flag.

Prolonged use at higher speeds will wear out your flag incredibly quickly. Our outdoor nylon and polyester flags are made of strong, well constructed materials but are not intended to withstand 60-70MPH sustained winds like you will experience on a car or motorcycle trip at highway speed. Our outdoor flags are meant to last and perform well under normal conditions: a breeze, a gusty day or occasional thunderstorm.

So far there just isn't a fabric that we are aware of that is going to stand up to that type of abuse for sustained periods of exposure and be able to fly well day to day.

How Long Will a Flag Last If Flown Behind a Vehicle?

An hour trip down the highway at 65MPH (if you are following the speed limit) is like being in hurricane strength winds consistently for an hour. As a result, your flag is likely going to wear out from one trip, maybe two.

You can learn more about key factors that impact the longevity of a flag's lifespan here.

Unfortunately, use on or behind vehicles is a non-specified use for flags, and is not what they are designed for. They will wear out quickly and you will be disappointed.

Tips for Flying a Flag Behind Your Vehicle

If you are dead set on flying a flag off your vehicle we suggest the following two options:

  • Use a Smaller Flag
  • Smaller flags catch less wind, which make them a better option for flying behind a moving vehicle. There are smaller flags specially constructed to hold up better than larger flags in high winds such as those behind cars and trucks.

  • Plan to Replace Your Flag Frequently
  • If you are determined to use a bigger flag, here's our honest recommendation: You should shop for the least expensive flag that you are going to be happy with quality wise, buy in bulk to save money, and plan on replacing frequently.

Flags Designed for Use on Vehicles

While most full-size flags aren't ideal for use on moving vehicles, car window flags do exist and are a great way to fly your pride while you're on the go!

Looking for flags that are specifically designed to be displayed on a car? Check out our collection of car window flags here.

Interested in a flag you can fly on your motorcycle? Browse our variety of motorcycle flags here.