Memorial Flags and Grave Markers

Cemetery Flags

When we think of cemetery flags, we often think of the beautiful American stick flags that adorn the graves of veterans each spring and summer throughout the United States. While this is the most common cemetery flag, there are many options in both size and type of flag. American stick flags for cemetery use come in 8x12" or 12x18" sizes, mounted to a wooden dowel that can be of a variety of diameters or lengths. The flag is usually a cotton sheeting but can be of a no-fray (cut only) material or have a rolled hem for more durability. Stick flags are also available with or without the spear tip.

The second most common stick flag for display at a grave site is the fireman's Loyal To Our Duty stick flag. This flag has been made to display on a firefighters grave to honor their service.

Cemetery Garden Flags

Gettysburg Flag Works has garden flags and banners to commemorate lost loved ones. Cemetery garden flags are 11x15” and can come in a variety of styles. There are cemetery flags with Christian and Jewish symbolism, as well as cemetery flags with non-denominational messages. For those who do not wish to have religious messages on a cemetery flag, we also have messages of remembrance without mention of an afterlife. These can be a perfect solution for honoring your loved one during the time that a gravestone is being made.

Several of our cemetery flags can be customized to add the names and photos of your loved ones. A cemetery flag adds a personalized touch to a gravesite, and can be a way to help celebrate a life lived.

Order a custom grave garden flag with a photo, poem or message about your lost loved-one.

Grave Markers

There are many types of grave marker available to honor your loved-one at their grave. Besides the traditional military medallion style grave markers, Gettysburg Flag Works also offers markers for medical professionals, masons, police officers and more. Flip through the list to see other cemetery items like a grave stone wreath hanger and a stick flag holder that can be used with any stick flag. You could even have a custom stick flag made with your family crest to display at the grave.

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