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Share a Drink. Share a Story.

Our "Share a Drink. Share a Story." campaign is all about sharing the stories of veterans and military members. It's about bridging the gap between those who have served and those who have not, sharing unique perspectives, and creating connections between people. This series showcases interesting stories and interesting people, sharing their experiences over a beer.

The Origin of the 'Share a Drink. Share a Story.' Campaign

Learn about inspiration and background behind this campaign from its creator, Jeremiah:

A Message from Jeremiah:

As I came up with the idea for this campaign, I saw that it could serve as a conversation through which the gap between veterans and non-veterans could be closed. There’s been all sorts of literature and discussion over the past dozen or so years (during all of which we’ve been at war) centered on how the military is at war while the rest of the country is not. The problem raised in such discussions is that there’s a widening chasm between veterans and those who never served in the military. I wanted to create an opportunity for veterans’ stories and experiences to be openly shared, to encourage discussion and exploration of experiences between what has become two distinct groups: vets and non-vets.

What’s been fun for me throughout the entire process has been learning how other military veterans experienced their time in uniform. Many went to war and saw the darkest side of humanity. Some overcame family challenges that really only exist within the military ecosystem. All were volunteers, and now carry with them the memories of their unique experiences.

Their stories are largely unique to the military, but shouldn’t be seen as disparate from the rest of us. They are us. And as President Bush (43) put it recently, we shouldn’t merely thank military veterans for their ‘service,’ we should get to know them. That’s what Share a Drink. Share a Story. is all about.

So, buy a veteran a beer. Tell them thanks if you like, but ask them to tell you something about their experiences. They aren’t so different from you, after all.

The Marine Corps

Get to know Don Miller, active U.S. Marine, and catch a glimpse into life as a member of the Marine Corps. Plus, hear about a particularly funny and memorable moment from bootcamp.

The Army

U.S. Army Veteran, Matt Wheeler (Artillery), tells a hilarious story. He also talks about a very intense confrontation while serving. He reminds us that our military are constantly in harms way, even when dealing with just a basic necessity.

The Navy

Hear U.S. Navy Veteran Tim Wilson talk about his time in service. He shares the story of a moment he'll never forget, and reveals how his military service changed him for the better.

The Air Force

Veteran airman Rob Albritton tells us about the urgency he felt while he was in training and received the news about the September 11th attacks.

Stay Tuned! More Videos Coming Soon!

We have more stories to share! Check back for more 'Share a Drink. Share a Story.' videos, coming soon!

Do you have a story you'd like us to share? Send it to us at [email protected] for your chance to be featured. You can also share your story on social media using the hashtags #shareadrink #shareastory. We look forward to hearing from you!

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