Marine Corps Flag

  • Outdoor Flags: Single thickness durable outdoor flags. 4 rows of stitching on the fly end for added strength.
  • 3x5' and 4x6' nylon flags with 3" pole sleeve and fringe are for indoor display or marching.

The meaning behind the USMC Emblem

The globe and anchor emblem of the United States Marine Corps is iconic and easily recognizable. Every detail in the emblem is deliberate, from the rope around the anchor to the positioning of the globe. The eagle on top, already an American icon in and of itself, is symbolic of the Marines' duty to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, as well as the fact that much of the fighting carried out by Marines takes place in the air. In the ribbon coming out of the eagle's mouth you see the motto used by the Marine Corps since 1883, “Semper Fidelis” which means “Always Faithful.” This is often shortened to just Semper Fi. The eagle sits perched on a globe, symbolizing the global reach of the Marine Corps. The globe is positioned to show the Western Hemisphere which is where most of the Marines' early focus was. Finally, there is the anchor behind the globe which is symbolic of the Marine Corps' close ties with United States Navy, even to this day. The anchor is also fouled, meaning it has a rope wrapped around it. The rope itself shows no beginning or end, perpetuating the notion that the Marine Corps is here to stay.

Great flags
Bought both flags from Gettysburg and am very happy with both of them.

Specific factors:
Marine Flag
Perfect for hubby's flag pole and American Flag
Specific factors:
great value
flew the flag every day in the NE for our son.. Flag is fine, just faded after 5 years.
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Flag Size Material Mounting Type Item Code Price
12x18" Nylon Header & Grommets e070008
2x3' Nylon 3" Pole Sleeve with Tab fz7942012
2x3' Nylon Header & Grommets fz7942011
3x5' Heavy Duty 2-Ply Polyester Header & Grommets v35336930
3x5' Nylon 3" Pole Sleeve with Tab fz7942052
3x5' Nylon 3" Pole Sleeve and Fringe fz7942053
3x5' Nylon Header & Grommets fz7942051
4x6' Heavy Duty 2-Ply Polyester Header & Grommets v46336930
4x6' Nylon 3" Pole Sleeve and Fringe fz7942093
4x6' Nylon 3" Pole Sleeve with Tab fz7942092
4x6' Nylon Header & Grommets fz7942091
5x8' Nylon Header & Grommets e070085
6x10' Nylon Header & Grommets e070378
8x12' Nylon Header & Grommets fs124f02284