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US Coast Guard Flags & Accessories

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Coast Guard Flags from Gettysburg Flag Works

The Coast Guard is an often overlooked service, but that does not diminish its importance. A Coast Guard flag is a perfect way to bring attention to the vital work that these services do.

Coast Guard flags from Gettysburg Flag Works are high quality, made in America products. We offer our flags in colorful nylon for both indoor and outdoor use. If you want to fly your Coast Guard flag outside, the colors on the nylon are resistant to fading so the colors will look great for a good long while. If an indoor display is what you're after, our Coast Guard flags are the same colorful nylon, but with gorgeous gold fringe around them.

A Brief History of the Coast Guard

The Coast Guard was founded in 1790 and operated under the Treasury Department. Alexander Hamilton, as Secretary of the Treasury, wanted the Coast Guard (then called the Revenue Marine) as a force to collect customs taxes on good entering through the nation's ports. The service evolved and merged with the the US Life Saving service in 1915, making the modern Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary was formed in 1939 as a reserve component of the Coast Guard. It engages in all the services that the regular Coast Guard does except for direct law enforcement.

Buy a Coast Guard Flag Today!

A Coast Guard flag would make a great gift for someone in their service. If you were in the service, consider a gift for yourself! A Coast Guard flag flying high and proud will ensure that no one forgets about this vital branch of the Armed Forces.

Place your order for a high quality Coast Guard Flag from Gettysburg Flag Works today! Have questions about any of our Coast Guard products? Give us a call at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online and we would be happy to assist you.

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If you are considering buying a Coast Guard flag you may want to consider purchasing an American flag as well. An American Flag will complete the display, showing the country that the Coast Guard is in service to.

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