Single Pulley Revolving Truck

A 3.5" diameter cast aluminum flagpole truck for external halyard poles, threaded type, revolving, single pulley.


  • Cast Aluminum construction. For ease of rotation, product life and strength, these trucks utilize self-lubricating ball bearing assemblies. The recommended maximum halyard diameter is 5/16".
  • Pole Info: Designed to be used on flagpoles that have up to a 3.5" outside diameter with female fitting installed. The bottom of the spindle has a 1.25" NPT threading and is screwed into the top of the flagpole.
  • Ornament Info: The top spindle is designed to accept an ornament with a spindle threading of 1/2" - 13NC as standard but can be supplied with other sizes of threading. The ornament is secured to the truck with a 1/4"-20NC stainless steel set screw.
  • Pulley Info: 2" outside diameter cast nylon pulley on a 1/4" stainless steel axle.

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Metal Finish Item Code Price
Black e340139
White e340138
Bronze e340137
Silver e340136