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State Flag Pins & USA Territory Pins

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About Our State Flag Pins

State flag pins are popular among political figures and those running for election, as well as travelers. They also make great gifts for pin collectors or a new neighbor who just moved to the state. Although they are often referred to as lapel pins, state flag pins can also be displayed on hats, vests, jackets and sashes.

Our state flag pins are available for each state in the union, and are proudly Made in the USA. Each state pin is meticulously designed to include important flag details, and is hand silk-screened using baked epoxy inks and jewelers hard epoxy domed surface coating. Inks are non-toxic "green" inks that will not fade with normal use.

All of our state pins are available in a single waving flag design measuring 0.75"W x 0.75"H. Some state pins are also available in a rectangular flag version, which measures 1"W x 0.75"H. Our most popular state flag pins include the Texas Flag Pin, the South Carolina Flag Pin, and the New York State Flag Pin.

American Flag with State Flag Pins: Friendship Pins

State flag pins featuring a state flag crossed with an American flag are often called friendship pins. This is a sign of cooperation and shared values. It is also a great way to show support and pride in both your country and your state.

When crossing a state flag with the American flag on a friendship pin, the American flag always appears on the left, with its staff on top of the state flag, as per American flag etiquette.

Custom State Flag Pins & Friendship Pins

Gettysburg Flag Works is your source for custom state flag lapel pins. One of our most popular custom items is a friendship lapel pin featuring a state flag crossed with a city or town flag. These are often used for bicentennial celebrations and municipal events.

We also make custom state flag pins for businesses and clubs. These custom state flag pins are crossed with the flag of your corporation or organization, and are often used to honor and thank long-term members and employees, or as thank you gifts for donors.

How to Order Our State Flag Pins

Our standard state flag pins and friendship pins can be ordered directly on the website. Most are in stock and ready to ship, however, some state flag pins are made to order. For processing times, please contact us online, or call 1-888-697-3524.

We also recommend that you give us a call, or contact us, if you are interested in designing custom flag lapel pins. You can start with several standard shapes, or work with our graphic artists to create a custom-made shape and design all your own.