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Thin Blue Line Lapel Pin (double waving with USA)

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The official Thin Blue Line flag crossed with the American flag made into a high quality, American made, lapel pin. This design represents Police officers who stand as a thin line of defense between the America public and those who would harm them. The wearer of this pin supports the American peace officers who've taken an oath to serve and protect.

  • All-brass metal design
  • Vibrant, hand silk screened design
  • Non-toxic "green" inks
  • Jewelers hard epoxy domed surface coating
  • Fade-resistant under normal use
  • Approximately 3/4" tall by 1" wide
  • Made in USA!
  • Buy 6 for $5.79 each and save 3%
  • Buy 50 for $5.49 each and save 8%
  • Buy 100 for $5.29 each and save 12%
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Thin Blue Line Flag with American Flag Lapel Pin

The Thin Blue Line American Flag Lapel Pin represents law enforcement and is worn in a show of support for the police officers who put their lives on the line every day to protect us.

The pin features our Nation’s flag crossed over a black and white American flag with a thin blue stripe, and is made of all-brass metal with a vibrant hand silk screened design and a hard epoxy domed surface coating. Whether worn on a uniform, suit jacket, as a tie tack, or on a cap, vest or sash, the thin blue line flag crossed with the American flag is a symbol of solidarity and compassion for our nation’s police officers.

History of the Thin Blue Line Flag

The “thin blue line” refers to law enforcement’s predominantly blue uniforms and the line they maintain between good and evil. The phrase was used by New York Police Commissioner Richard Enright in 1922, and later popularized by Los Angeles Police Chief Bill Parker in the 1950s. It also appeared in police novels written by author and police officer Joseph Wambaugh in the 1970s and 80s.

The Thin Blue Line Flag was designed in 2014 by Andrew Jacob, a college student from the suburbs of Detroit, in an effort to show support for law enforcement. Derivatives of the design include the Thin Red Line Flag for firefighters and the Thin Red & Blue Line Flag for all first responders.

How to Wear the Thin Blue Line Flag and American Flag Lapel Pin

Our thin blue line flag lapel pin crossed with an American flag includes a clutch fastener for easily securing to clothing. It is often worn by law enforcement officials, as well as family, friends and all citizens who wish to show their support for the men and women in blue.

Because the pin contains an American flag, the United States Flag Code states that the pin should be worn in the left lapel near the heart. According to the code, the American flag represents a living country and is itself a living thing. It should not be worn crooked, upside or backwards, and should be placed above all other pins.

Thin blue line flag lapel pins can also be worn on caps, vests and sashes, and are often presented as gifts to the loved ones of deceased law enforcement officials.

How to Order Our Thin Blue Line Flag and American Flag Lapel Pin

Our thin blue line flag lapel pin crossed with an American flag can be ordered online in quantities of 1 to 100. Bulk discounts are available for orders of 6 or more. You can also ask questions or place an order by phone by calling 1-888-697-3524.

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