Patriotic Pleated Fan (Stars & Stripes)

Decorate your home, business or parade float with patriotic plated fans and buntings to show your American pride! Many sizes and options to choose from and we could even customize a fan to be any color that you need.

Already Up
I received the buntings today about 20 minutes ago and they are already up! husband left about an hour ago (which UPS is usually here by then (at least when they deliver shipments for my business), so he thinks that we did not get them in time for tomorrow. But, to his surprise when he pulls up in the driveway, not only are they here but already hanging from the porch. I appreciate this more than you know. He will be all happy that they are up for the 4th of July!

Have a Happy 4th of July!

Thank you so very much, you are awesome!
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Size & Material Item Code Price
3x6' Sewn Nylon GFA00196
3x6' Sewn Heavy Duty Polyester GFA00197
3x6' Printed Cotton fz7605061
4x8' Printed Nylon a483350
3x6' Printed Nylon a483250
4x8' Printed Cotton a483300
1.5x3' Printed Poly/Cotton a483125