Japanese Ensign Flag

Beautiful, high-quality nylon Japanese ensign flags for mounting on most flagpoles. Each flag has canvas header and brass grommets for mounting. Made in the USA.


The Japanese ensign design is similar to the flag of Japan, which has a red circle in the center signifying the sun. The difference compared to the flag of Japan is that the Rising Sun Flag has 16 rays extending from the sun exemplifying the name of Japan as "The Land of the Rising Sun". The Imperial Japanese Army first adopted the Rising Sun Flag in 1870.

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Size Mounting Type Item Code Price
2x3' Header & Grommets e032189
2x3' Pole Sleeve with Tab e032195
2x3' Pole Sleeve with Fringe e032200
3x5' Header & Grommets e032191
3x5' Pole Sleeve with Tab e032197
3x5' Pole Sleeve with Fringe e032202
4x6' Header & Grommets e032192
4x6' Pole Sleeve with Tab e032198
4x6' Pole Sleeve with Fringe e032203
5x8' Header & Grommets e032193
6x10' Header & Grommets e035118