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Department of Justice Flag- Indoor & Parade

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The flag of the Department of Justice is intended only for Official Government Use.

The Department of Justice was established in response to the September 11 attacks, DHS works to protect the United States from terrorism and other threats. Its responsibilities include border security, immigration services, cyber security, and disaster prevention and management.

  • Choose from various sizes and styles
  • 200 denier bolt dyed nylon fabric
  • Choose from fully sewn/embroidered designs or digitally printed
  • Double-Seal design
  • Pole sleeve & Fringe for formal use
  • Made in USA

Don't see the exact version you're looking for? We can still make it for you! Call us or fill out a custom quote form and we will get you a quote fast!

Note: Some size options are made to order, non-returnable and will require a 2-3 week lead time

Indoor Department of Justice Flags

This Indoor flag for the Department of Justice is the best option for the government specified requirements. All press conferences, as well as any official building is required to carry this flag in various rooms.That's why we take great pride in being able to make the flag exactly as it's intended and know you will enjoy having it displayed in your building.

The official executive order in regards to the design of the DOJ Flag

Exec. Order No. 6692 (1934); see also supra note 12 (explaining the principal heraldic terms used in blazoning these arms). The seal struck pursuant to this Executive Order remains the official seal of the Department and, by order of the Attorney General, is given to the custody of the Assistant Attorney General for Administration. See 28 C.F.R. § 0.146; see also 41 id. (JPMR) § 128-1.5008(a)(1) (describing the flag of the Department of Justice, which contains the Department's seal, as follows: "the ... flag shall consist of a rectangular base background of ultramarine blue, bearing an eagle on a shield, a scroll and the inscription 'Department of Justice.' The eagle faces to the left, with its left claw holding 13 arrows with the tips facing down. Its right claw holds an olive branch. The shield consists of a white base, a blue chief and six scarlet stripes. The scroll shall read in bold blue letters, 'QUI PRO DOMINA JUSTITIA SEQUITUR,'.... The inscription 'DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE' shall be in bold white letters, centered above the eagle. The fringe shall be white." The section also describes the various flags of the Attorney General, the Deputy Attorney General, the Associate Attorney General, the Solicitor General, and the Assistant Attorneys General).

Key Features of Our DOJ indoor flag

  • Set on a beautiful blue back ground, the vibrant-fade resistant nylon is used in order to give you the best looking flag possible.
  • Our flag is always available in various styles and sizes to get exactly what you need
  • Fast and reliable shipping you get to choose! Get your DOJ flag made and shipped quickly
  • Expert sewn pole sleeve + tab or Fringed option to securely mount on your indoor pole!
  • The Sewn DOJ eagle stands out as a strong emblem on your choice of one or both sides of the flag
  • Securing American jobs with 100% American sourced materials from the thread to the Pole-hem! Entirely manufactured in the USA.
  • Department of Justice Flag Size Recommendations

    • 3x4’ - best for small displays on indoor pole's shorter than 7'
    • 3x5’ - The most common flag size. Used on 7' and 8' Flag display's when indoors
    • 4'4" x 5'6" - The official flag size specified for use by the VA
    • 4x6’ - Traditionally used on a 9' indoor pole or larger
    • Pole sleeve and tab options - Usually best for house mounted poles that do not have grommet attachment capabilities. Also used on indoor flag poles where a pole sleeve is necessary.
    • Pole sleeve with fringe option - Ornamental option for indoor flag sets. Fringe gives the flag an official look and feel for your office or government buildings.

    Additional Flag and Accessory options

    If you want to set up your full DOJ indoor flag display, then you can get all the items needed right here at Gettysburg Flag Works. The indoor flag set needs a base stand, indoor pole, and flag spreader to show off the full flag when being displayed. If you want to fly the Justice Department flag outside, we have a dedicated listing you can find here. It comes in every size needed for almost any flag pole size and is made with our highest quality printer for the most detailed designs.

    Additionally, our American flags go perfectly with all Government agency flags and are available in indoor and outdoor styles. No matter what you need, Gettysburg Flag Works has you covered.

    Have a specific question about which Justice Flag is best for you? Give our flag experts a call at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online, and we'd be happy to assist you!

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