Personal Flags & Banners Portfolio

Flags and banners reflect your personality, They can showcase your family, pets, hobbies or style. They can be used to celebrate weddings, birthdays, new babies or even the life of a loved one you've lost.

Gettysburg Flag Works specializes in customizing just the right banner or flag for your occasion. Work with a knowledgeable salesperson who can help you with mounting types and sizes, a graphic artist who will make it look perfect and our production department will work their magic to make your new flag or banner a reality.

Design your own personal flags

Looking for ways to add a personal touch to your home or yard? Need a unique and special gift, particularly for that person in your life that is hard to buy for? Custom personal flags are the solution.

Custom flags are a blank canvas of opportunity to bring to life - a design, photo or expression. There are so many ways to design personal flags, and there are so many uses for them.

Personal flags are the perfect fit for a multitude of occasions, such as weddings, birthdays and other life milestones. We have produced many that have been used for proposals (what a unique way to pop the question), or to announce being "just married" (attach to a car, boat or motorcycle!).

Personal flags have also been used as wedding gifts. Give the bride and groom a flag or banner that displays the couple's combined heritage, with the addition of the couple's last name or initials / monogram. These flags can be constructed in a very high end manner, with hand sewn applique to add a luxurious feel to the gift.

Another fun option is to use personal flags as decor for your wedding or life event. We've designed banners that have listed out the menu options for guests. Other options would be to place personal flags, that have the couple's monogrammed initials, around the reception venue or even a large decorative banner for the ceremony.

The birth or adoption of a child is also the perfect time to use custom personal flags. Have your new baby or child's name printed on a flag or banner to commemorate the occasion, and to have as a keepsake.

Some of the more popular custom personal flags are those that feature a family's beloved pet. We can take most any image of your pet, and feature it on a flag or banner.

Gettysburg Flag Works has also recently extended its custom personal flags line to a more specific assortment of personal flags, that reflect one's heritage. The Heirloom Line are custom flags that incorporate a family name and coat of arms. You can choose from a template of designs, or you may research and provide your own. If you would rather not incorporate a coat of arms, we can design whatever variation you may like, such as the meshing of two different flags (that represent a family's lineage) and monogrammed initials.

Custom Memorial Flag

Show support or bring awareness to a cause that is near and dear to your heart, with custom memorial flags. Add a personal touch with a name, photo or date while also bringing attention to the cause. You may also choose to honor someone that you have lost with a custom memorial flag.

A custom memorial flag is also a nice way to honor a pet that is no longer with you. A custom memorial flag can be made at any size, and is sometimes constructed as a garden sized flag that can be placed in the yard or in the cemetery.