Custom Lapel Pin Portfolio

Beautiful, American-Made screen printed lapel pins make a great gift or promotion for any club or organization. These are often used as employee longevity gifts, membership pins or fundraiser.

Custom colors, sizes and shapes available. All colors are matched to pantone swatches.

Custom American Made Lapel Pins

Yes, lapel pins are made in America! Our high quality screen printed lapel pins are made with top quality materials by skilled American workers. Each design is created to fit beautifully on a gold colored lapel pin backer. Once the design is finished, a screen is cut for each color and the printing process begins. At the very end, a coating of glossy, protective epoxy is laid over the surface giving a domed look to the front of your new pins.

Your organization can have beautiful pins without a huge cost

Our minimum quantity for custom lapel pins is only 50 pins! Each design is a little different but pricing is based on the number of colors being printed, the shape of the pin, and the quantity but even small clubs and organizations can enjoy these beautiful pins. Give us a call or send an email for a quote on your pins today.

Uses for lapel pins

Clubs and organizations frequently use a lapel pin as a gift to donors, volunteers and members. They can also be sold as fundraisers or used as a memento for a group event or trip. Businesses often use them as employee longevity gifts as they are beautiful enough to wear as a tie pin but also casual enough to add to a polo shirt for a cashier. Wear on your shirt, lapel, hat or even backpack. Lapel pins are a gift that spans generations.