Light Pole Flag Set

A complete flag set for mounting to light or telephone poles.

Street pole flag sets are a great way to decorate the streets of a town, a parking lot or any event venue that could use a splash of patriotism. Our street pole flag sets include a high quality outdoor American flag and are available in two size variations.

When purchased in select quantities, these light pole flag sets are offered with discounted pricing!

Included parts:


Included parts:

  • Street pole flag sets come with the following: a two piece spinning aluminum flagpole (white, 1” diameter) with mounting rings for a grommeted flag and with a clip for a sleeved flag.
  • Aluminum EWC bracket, silver colored which holds the light pole flag set at a 45 degree angle.
  • High quality outdoor US nylon flag with grommet attachments. Made in the U.S.A.
  • Stainless steel mounting strap for mounting bracket to any light pole or telephone pole. 32.5" Quick-Release bands. Metal banding with adjustment screw. Fits pole 2" to 10" in diameter. Cut band to length after in place.

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Size Number of Flags per Set Item Code Price
3x5' flag on a 6' pole Two Flags Set g0446-Double
2x3' flag on a 5' pole Two Flags Set g0447-Double
2x3' flag on a 5' pole One Flag Set g0447
3x5' flag on a 6' pole One Flag Set g0446