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How to Display an American Flag Indoors & Alongside Other Flags

Displaying an Indoor American Flag

In a group of flags on staffs

In an indoor setting the US flag should be placed farthest on its own right of any other flags - meaning that when you view it from the audience, it is on the left.

Additional flags are displayed in order of precedence You can find the proper order of precedence here.

If foreign flags are displayed, they should always follow next in line, in alphabetical order. When flying a foreign flag indoors next to a US flag it is important that all flags are displayed at the same height, as it is considered disrespectful to fly the US flag higher than a visiting foreign entity.

International flags would be followed by the US Presidential flag (when applicable at official government functions), then State flags by order of entry into the Union, and US Military flags. There is a specific order for Military flags as well; you can find the military flag order of precedence here.) These would be followed by other Military organizational flags specific to members or organizations, and finally, any other flag (corporate or club insignias).

This short video walks you through the proper protocol for displaying the American flag with other flags indoors:

Two flags on crossed staffs against a wall

Display the American Flag on its own right with its staff overlapping the other flag's.

Flag Display Order Infographic

Next to a speaker

Display the American Flag to the speaker's right. Any other flags should be to the speaker's left when possible. The US flag again should always be in the position of honor, furthest to its own right of all other flags.

Display of American Flag Indoors Against a Wall

Behind a speaker

Display horizontally behind and above the speaker's head.

Flat against a wall

Display horizontally or vertically with canton at flag's own right (to viewers' left).

In a window

Display vertically with canton at flag's own right (to outside viewers' left).

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