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US Virgin Islands Flag - Indoor

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Beautiful, high-quality US Virgin Islands territory nylon flags with a sleeve and tab for mounting to an indoor flag set (click here for mounting sets). Finished with Spanish gold fringe. Made in the USA!

The flag of the United States Virgin Islands was adopted in 1921. It consists of a simplified version of the Great Seal of the United States between the letters V and I (for Virgin Islands). The eagle holds a laurel branch in one talon, and three arrows in the other, representing the three major islands: Saint Thomas, Saint John, and Saint Croix. Additionally, the colors of the flag are: yellow, representing various characteristics of the territory and the flowers; green, symbolizing the hills; white, depicting the clouds; and blue, representing the waters.

Capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands: Charlotte Amalie
Area of the Virgin Islands: 113.73 sq. miles
Languages in the Virgin Islands: English
Religions in the Virgin Islands: Christianity is the dominant religion in the Virgin Islands. As a former Danish colony, Protestantism is most prevalent. There is also a strong Roman Catholic presence.

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