The American Revolution

The American Revolution is the reason Americans celebrate the 4th of July. However, the revolution didn't begin with a war. It began far earlier, when ordinary people reacted to increasing pressure by a government all the way across the ocean, when they decided that enough was enough, and they began fighting back.

Events Leading up to the Revolution

No one thing caused the revolution. It was a series of injustices that led the American people to become less and less tolerant over time. Each of these events caused a tiny crack to appear in relations between the Thirteen Colonies and Britain, and when too many cracks appeared, relations shattered altogether.

Battles of the Revolution

No war can be won without battles. There were many battles that took place during the Revolution, and all of them were extremely important.

Important Revolutionary War Figures

The driving force behind the Revolution was undoubtedly the men and women who inspired the colonies to come together in ways they hadn't before.

  • Thomas Paine: The author of the pamphlet “Common Sense” which became the manifesto of the Revolution.
  • George Washington: America's first President and one of its greatest generals.
  • Benedict Arnold: One of America's most famous traitors.
  • Thomas Jefferson: The third President of the United States and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence.
  • Betsy Ross: The woman who sewed the first American flag.
  • Paul Revere: The Revolution's "messenger".
  • King George III: The King who ruled England during the Revolutionary War.
  • Charles Cornwallis: England's top general who was also the administrator the colonies before the Revolution.

Each of these battles was a small step towards freedom for the American people, and each of these men played a vital role in the war. Without them, America would still be considered a British colony, not the amazing country it is today, in its own right.