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Autism Awareness Flags And Banners

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What is an Autism Awareness Flag?

The Autism Awareness Flag is flown to raise consciousness and show support for the cause of autism. Autism is a brain development condition diagnosed in early childhood, usually between the second and third birthday. It is characterized by communication difficulties that interfere with relationships and with language. Often repetitive motions, adherence to routines, learning difficulties, issues with textures and sounds, and even physiological problems with motor skills, digestion and seizures can be found in association with Autism. Current diagnoses are based on the Autism Spectrum which identifies five disorders, each with its own characteristics. While much of current research is looking at a genetic connection, environmental factors are also being investigated. Current treatment centers around early interventions and behavior therapies. (Autism Speaks)

In 1999, the Autism Awareness Society adopted the puzzle ribbon as its trademark, but lets other groups use the symbol, promoting unity and a universal cause. The puzzle pieces represent the complexity of the syndrome. The many colors stand for the diversity of the people who deal with this condition and the many ways it presents. The bright colors stand for the hope of treatments that will make it possible for people with autism to lead full and productive lives.(Autism Society)

Why fly an Autism Awareness Flag?

Flying an Autism Awareness Flag shows your support for people who fall within the Autism Spectrum and their families who must cope with this puzzling disorder.

Flying an Autism Awareness Flag can help encourage financial donations for research and treatments.

Flying an Autism Awareness Flag can raise consciousness and acceptance of those behaviors that can often be found in association with the syndrome.

Types of Autism Flag

Autism Flags can be found in several varieties and sizes. The Autism Garden Flag displays the sentiment that “together we can solve the puzzle”. It has a vertical orientation and is meant to be placed on a garden flag stand or can be displayed nicely in a window. It is stitched and printed in the USA, right here in East Greenbush, on 100% polyester fabric.

The Autism Awareness Ribbon Banner has a vertical orientation. It comes in two sizes: one fits a garden flag stand and the other , a 2x3' version, is perfect for a house mount flag pole. The 2x3' version has a pole hem and tabs for mounting. The logo on this flag is printed on 100% polyester and appliqued to a 100% nylon flag. It is also produced in East Greenbush, NY, USA

The Autism Awareness Puzzle Banner carries the message that at least 1 in 150 are affected in some way by a diagnosis that falls within the Autism Spectrum. Some research speculates that the numbers may be even higher than that, and they seem to be rising.

Autism Awareness Ribbon Flags have horizontal orientations and are meant to fly on standing flag poles or a house mount pole. They are nylon flags that have canvas headers and brass grommets. The ribbons are usually printed on 100% polyester and appliqued on the nylon background. Both sizes feature the puzzle ribbon logo on white backgrounds. These flags are also made right here at Gettysburg Flag Works.