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Pennsylvania Indoor Flag Set-Choose Options

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  • Top-quality 3x5' indoor flag with pole hem and fringe, Made in USA
  • 2 piece hardwood 8' flagpole with polished brass joint
  • Gold ABS plastic floor stand with plug on button to add your own weight as needed
  • Brass spear finial
  • Includes decorative cord and tassel
  • Choose with or without a flag spreader

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The Best Outdoor Pennsylvania Flag on the Market

The Pennsylvania State flag has never looked better inside. This flag is an essential addition to your collection and will look great in your display at the office, or at public press events. The Gettysburg Flag Indoor flag sets are made of the highest quality possible so you can be proud to make it the centerpiece of your patriotic display.

Key Features of Our Pennsylvania Indoor Flag Set

  • Reliable shipping you get to choose! Get your Pennsylvania flag made and shipped out as fast as today depending on availability!
  • Beautiful 3 inch pole sleeve built directly into the flag for an elegant fit on your indoor flag pole!
  • Top of the line golden fringe lining. The thin strands of golden fringe give this flag the most official look and feel for your application.
  • Securing American jobs with 100% American sourced materials from the thread to the grommet! Entirely manufactured in the USA.

Pennsylvania Flag Size Recommendations

  • 3x5’ - The most common flag size. Used on 6' house-mounted poles or in-ground poles up to 20' tall
  • 8’ tall hardwood indoor pole that screws together for a seamless look at the central polished brass joint.
  • Adjustable weight floor stand with a bright golden shine that will play off the beauty of your flag!
  • If you are looking for a larger or smaller sized indoor set, let us know by contacting us for help. We can’t wait to talk with you!
  • Pole sleeve with fringe option - Ornamental option for indoor flag sets. Fringe gives the flag an official look and feel for your office or government buildings.

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About the Pennsylvania Flag Design

The Pennsylvania state flag, adopted in 1907, has a deep blue field, mirroring the blue of the US flag. In the center, the state coat of arms is emblazoned in rich, vibrant colors.

The coat of arms shares the central space of the flag with two majestic draft horses. Above the shield, an American bald eagle, representing Pennsylvania’s loyalty to the United States, perches proudly. The shield itself is adorned with a ship under full sail, a plow, and three sheaves of wheat. These symbols reflect Pennsylvania's rich economic history rooted in commerce, labor, and agriculture.

Not sure which durable flag option will work best for you? Give our flag experts a call at 1-888-697-3524 or contact us online and we'd be happy to point you in the right direction!

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