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Army Engineer Flags

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Army Engineer Flag From Gettysburg Flag Works

The Army Corps of Engineers has a long and proud history serving the United States. Celebrate them with an Army Engineer flag!

Brief History of the Army Corps of Engineers & Army Engineer Flag

Initially composed of French subjects hired by George Washington to help build fortifications during the war for independence, the corps was formally founded in 1802 by President Thomas Jefferson. Since then, the engineers have had a hand in matters both military and civilian. Some of their more notable projects include the Panama Canal, The Manhattan Project, and the Washington Monument. The emblem on the army engineer flag is a castle with 3 towers on a red background.

Always of a High Quality

Each Army Engineer flag is made of a high quality, durable nylon. The flags are available in a variety of sizes to fit any pole. Like any of the corps' projects, an engineer flag will stand the test of time.

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