Alaska Flag - Outdoor

Beautiful, high-quality outdoor Alaska state flags for mounting on most flagpoles. Choose your size, mounting type and material. Made in the USA!


Outdoor Alaska state flags are available in a variety of size, material and mounting options. Nylon Alaska flags are lightweight but durable and dry quickly after a storm. For a more heavy-duty Alaska flag, choose the heavy-weight polyester flag. The heavy duty polyester requires more wind to fly, but also lasts longer. Please call us if you don't see the size or style Alaska flag that you are looking for. We can find, or custom make the perfect flag for your display.

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Flag Size Material Mounting Type Item Code Price
12x18" Nylon Header & Grommets e020041
2x3' Nylon Header & Grommets FZ2012011
3x5' Nylon 3" Pole Sleeve with Tab fz2012052
3x5' Nylon Header & Grommets fz2012051
3x5' Heavy Duty Polyester Header & Grommets e022198
4x6' Heavy Duty Polyester Header & Grommets e022250
4x6' Nylon 3" Pole Sleeve with Tab fz2012092
4x6' Nylon Header & Grommets fz2012091
5x8' Heavy Duty Polyester Header & Grommets e022302
5x8' Nylon Header & Grommets fz2012131
6x10' Nylon Header & Grommets fz2012161