History of Gettysburg Flag Works


You’d think with a name like Gettysburg Flag Works that we would be located in Pennsylvania, smack dab in the middle of the Civil War's best known battleground. Nope. We are located in Upstate NY, on the outskirts of the state capitol. Our founder, Mike Cronin, started the business in 1993, selling flags out of his car, and the name is a nod to his love of history and the role that our American Flag plays throughout. As a veteran of the US Army, Mike felt the name represented Americana, the Pennsylvania Dutch work ethic, courage and a reminder of one of our great Presidents, Abraham Lincoln.

And so, from the trunk of Mike’s car, through the rise of patriotism following the September 11th attacks, the company has grown substantially, and Gettysburg Flag Works is now a leading retailer of American-made flags, banners, and all related hardware.

We serve military organizations, veterans, cities, towns and municipalities, clubs, businesses and generally anyone who wants to show their pride by flying a flag. We’re primarily an online retailer, but if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by our storefront, or take advantage of our local flagpole installation. Just give us a call at 1-888-697-3524 for more information.