Custom City, Town & Community Flag Portfolio

Our quality and selection makes us a top choice for towns, cities and communities around the world. Flip through the images to see some of our previous jobs and to get ideas for your project.

For bicentennials and other community celebrations, we recommend avenue banners along your main street, flags on public ground and other celebratory flags specific to your celebration.

Many towns, counties, cities and other municipalities have their own flag design but there are still many that don't. Some have a design but have never had a physical flag made. Gettysburg Flag Works is here to help. We've helped with both the design and manufacture of flags for many municipalities. In this portfolio you'll see several types of flag and banner used by towns or villages to share their civic pride and brighten up downtown for an event like a centennial celebration.

What makes a great town flag design?

It's generally accepted that a flag design should be symbolic and meaningful but in a simplistic way. For example, if the location of your town was chosen because of a prominent body of water, incorporating the color blue or a simple blue band is recommended over a drawing of that body of water. If a prominent battle took place there, maybe represent it with a cannon but a full drawing of the battle or the name of the battle would make the flag too busy. The best first step is to decide on a few important elements that should be incorporated. From there a layout and specific representations for each one can be arranged in an appealing way. A beautiful flag inspires pride and your citizens will want to fly one or see them around town. An ugly design is often forgotten and your hard work could be wasted.

What other kinds of flags and banners do municipalities use?

Municipalities have a variety of flag and banner needs. Big celebrations are often decorated with feather flags, buntings and street flags. A longer lasting main street decoration is an avenue banner. These can be printed with information about your farmers market, bicentennial events or even used to advertise local businesses. A very popular way to both decorate the town and honor it's veterans is to have an avenue banner printed with the name and photograph of each veteran. It's a huge honor to the family of that veteran and stands as a reminder to your citizens of the sacrifices made for them.