American Flag Parts

A. Header (a strong fabric used to reinforce the grommets and strengthen the flag)

B. Grommet (a reinforced hole in the header for mounting the flag, usually brass or another metal)

C. Canton, Field, or Union (In the case of an American flag , this is the blue field with the stars)

D. Fly End (the end that flaps)

E. Fly

F. Hoist (the end mounted to the flagpole )


Flag Structure

Single Sided

Design is only on one side of the flag and does not show clearly through to the other side.


Design is only done on one side of the flag but shows through to the other side in a reverse image. This is the most typical structure as the flag stays lightweight and is most cost-effective.

Double Sided

Design reads correctly on both sides of the flag. Typically this flag is two single-sided flags sewn back-to-back to make it double thickness (and also two times heavier). It is great for high wind areas or horizontally hung flags.