Universal Service (US Veteran) Grave Marker

American veteran grave marker. Wreath and star design. Choose between cast bronze, aluminum with black highlights or thermoplastic material.

  • Cast bronze & Aluminum (with black highlights) markers are mounted on a 24" brass rod and holds one stick flag on a 3/8" staff (flag not included).
  • Thermoplastic marker is permanently antiqued and highlighted in bronze, then given a clear protective over coating. It is supplied complete with a 3/8"x18" silver aluminum rod for easy ground planting. Rear flag holder accepts up to a 3/8" diameter flag staff (flag not included).

Excellent quality
My husband and I ordered three flag holders: Air Force and Coast Guard in the aluminum finish, and this US Veteran flag holder in brass. Beautiful work, awesome quality, and you can tell they will last a long time. We couldn't be happier with our purchase. A very fitting tribute for any grave. I highly recommend these products, they are better than anything else you will find. Thank you!
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This marker makes a beautiful tribute to any veteran. I was pleased to have received this in time for Veteran's Day so I could place it on my Father's grave. Thank you!
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Thank you.
Top of the line. Very satisfied.
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Good quality
Nice piece. I've been wanting to put this marker on my father's gravesite for some time and I picked a good marker. This piece has a spot that allows mounting a flag on the appropriate dates. Nice touch.

You won't be disappointed with this marker.
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Metal Finish Item Code Price
Aluminum tafGMUniversalSvc
Aluminum with Black Painted Highlights gfwa60053
Thermoplastic e070362
Bronze CTM-16