US Navy Flag - Official Seal

  • Various sizes available
  • Durable All-Weather Nylon or Heavy Duty 2-Ply Polyester Material
  • Digitally printed, single-reverse with four rows reinforced stitching for durability
  • Choose Outdoor or Indoor Styles
  • Made in USA

Navy flags are available in a variety of size, material and mounting options. Nylon Navy flags are lightweight but durable and dry quickly after a storm. For a more heavy-duty Navy flag, choose the heavy-weight polyester flag. The heavy duty polyester requires more wind to fly, but also lasts longer. Please call us if you don't see the size or style Navy flag that you are looking for. We can find, or custom make the perfect flag for your display.

Flags Durability In High Wind Rain Storms (Sweepstakes Entry)
I live in a high wind area in Ocala, FL The flags I've purchase from Gettysburg have maintained their color and strength, especially in a high wind rain storm. I fly my American and Navy flags - 24/7.

Specific factors:
Very nice and well made.
Specific factors:
Very durable
Your products are very durable and well put together.
Specific factors:
A beautiful, quality flag to honor and remember!
My son called to tell me he'd love to have a Navy flag for his dorm room to honor his Grandpa. I found your company along with others online. I wanted it to be made in the USA. As I read through your website and learned about who you are and how you started, I was sold! The beautiful flag is proudly displayed and my son is thrilled to have it! Thank you for your high standards and for providing these wonderful flags that allow us to honor and remember.
Specific factors:
Polyester navy flag
I'm glad the Navy flag is now available in polyester . Hopefully it will have the same durability as the U.S.flag now.
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Size Material Mounting Type Item Code Price
12x18" Nylon Header & Grommets gfwa00844
2x3' Nylon Header & Grommets gfwa008442x3
2x3' Nylon 3" Pole Sleeve with Tab gfwa008442x3PH
3x5' Nylon Header & Grommets gfwa00847
3x5' Nylon 3" Pole Sleeve with Tab gfwa01058PH
3x5' Nylon 3" Pole Sleeve and Fringe gfwa01058
3x5' Heavy Duty Polyester Header & Grommets gfwa00848
4x6' Nylon Header & Grommets gfwa00849
4x6' Nylon 3" Pole Sleeve with Tab gfwa00849PH
4x6' Nylon 3" Pole Sleeve and Fringe gfwa00849PHF
4x6' Heavy Duty Polyester Header & Grommets gfwa00850
5x8' Nylon Header & Grommets gfwa008495x8
6x10' Nylon Header & Grommets gfwa008496x10
8x12' Nylon Header & Grommets gfwa008498x12